How does Engagespot Billing work ?

Engagespot billing is based on your active number of subscriber and number of websites. We are providing a freemium plan up to 1000 number of subscribers. You can find more details here.

Also, you can try the free trial for 30 days. After using the free trial, you can switch to an appropriate plan based on the number of subscribers and number of websites.

Some features are restricted for the higher billing plans.

  • You can access the automation platform, user profile, event targeting and geo-location targeting only for the Premium and Professional accounts.


All features are unlocked for the trial account. You can design automation rules and send personalized notifications in the trial account.
We have monthly as well as annual plans. Automatic recurrent payment is present.
If your number of subscribers exceeds in the middle of your paying month or year and you decide to upgrade the plan, you will not charge the entire amount. You have to pay only the additional amount for the remaining days.
How will I receive my invoice?
After the successful payment, you will immediately receive the invoice as email.
How do I change my billing information?
Please send an email to with the details that you would like to change. Our customer relationship team will take care of the rest :)
How do I upgrade/downgrade my pricing plan?
You can upgrade/downgrade the plans directly from the Account settings -> Billing page.

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