How to add push notifications to a website?

In this tutorial, you’ll be learning about how to add web push notifications to your website/mobile website easily using Engagespot.

Step by step instructions

1. Create your FREE web push notifications account by clicking here

(Skip this step if you already have an account)

Enter your name, email, phone number, password and your website (Choose whether it is HTTP or HTTPS).
The subdomain field will be automatically filled for you. Better not change that now.
Click Sign Up button, and you are done.
2. Copy your Javascript SDK Code
If you’ve just signed up, you will see the below screen. Otherwise, you can find your Javascript code from Website Settings menu on your dashboard. You will get your Site Key, API Key and also a javascript code.
If your website is WordPress, then please read this guide for WordPress we’ve written here.
If your website is on a custom framework or static HTML website, continue reading this article.
Copy the javascript code.
3. Paste the code into your website
Open your website’s HTML source code. Paste the Engagespot javascript code just above the closing head tag (</head>) and save the file.
Done! Now you can visit your website to see the notification prompt.
To create your first web push notification campaign, read the guide here

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