How to change the position of Engagespot Bell icon on your website

By default, the Engagespot bell icon will be placed at the bottom right corner of your website. You can change the position of this icon by specifying the position through our Javascript SDK.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for websites using our WordPress and Magento plugins. They will have to switch to custom Javascript SDK for this one

Specify the two parameters such ‘xPos’ and ‘yPos’ on your SDK initialization script. The values should be in percentage offset from top left corner.


<script src=""></script>


var Engagespot = new Engagespot({

"siteId" : 63417,

"siteKey" : "craBkdFrH50PSgfjFEJdfMWdBrejweTyb",

"subdomain" : "yoursubdomain",

"xPos": "90%",




That is if you want to align the bell icon on right side vertically middle, xPos can be 95% and yPos can be 50%

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