How to configure One Step Prompt for HTTPS enabled websites?

One Step Prompt is the best way to increase opt-in rates of your websites. This allows your users to subscribe to push notifications in a single click. No more popups! But, it is available on HTTPS-enabled websites only.

To change your website’s opt-in type to One Step opt in, follow the instructions

1. Login to your Engagespot Dashboard -> Website Settings -> Customize

` 2. Choose Opt-In type as Native (HTTPS)

3. After selecting that option, a download link will be available. Click the link to download a zip file which contains 2 files upon extracting engagespotWorker.js and manifest.json

4. Don’t forget to click the SAVE button after choosing the Native 1 Step option from dashboard

5. Copy these two files and place it in the root directory of your website.

6. Ensure that the files are accessible by checking the URL –

    Done. You have enabled One Step prompt on your website.

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