How to create a notification campaign from dashboard

You can send a new notification from the Engagespot dashboard.

1. Login to Engagespot dashboard

2. Click Notification Menu 3. Click the New Notification button. (You will see a Start Now button if this is your first campaign)

4. Now you will have to create the notification by entering a campaign name, Title for Push notification, Message, The URL to be opened when a user clicks the push notification and a picture that should appear along with the notification. 5. After designing the push, Click Choose Subscribers button

6. In this page, you should choose the subscribers who should get this push notification. You can either choose All subscribers or create rules to segment users based on behaviour. Then click Review and Send

7. In this page, you will get a chance to review your push. After reviewing, click the Confirm button. Done. Your push will be sent to the selected subscribers within a few minutes.

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