How to customise notification panels ?

Engagespot offers you a bunch of options for customizing the notification panels (the bell icon, theme, panel style etc.)

Panel style

You can change the panel style to either minimal or normal.

  • Minimal: it is preferred for the SaaS/Dashboards. For the minimal panel, you can specify the element_id to place the notification icon in an HTML element (like top navigation bar).
  • Normal: is preferred for the blogs, native websites etc. For normal panels, you can specify the position of the floating bell icon.

Panel Placement

You can place the panel bell icon with,

  • Bell Icon div id: for the minimal notification panel. Enter the id of the HTML element to place the bell icon.
  • The position of the bell icon: for the normal notification panel. Enter X and Y position (in % value).

Colour theme

You can customize the color theme of the bell icon and panel so that it will fit into your websites color theme.

What's next?

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