How to customise notification prompt on your website ?

Customising the notification prompt is pretty simple.

Goto website settings -> Customize

Prompt Type

There are 3 options available,

(1) Trigger manually from code: you can trigger the prompt from Javascript code.

Eg: Suppose you want to trigger from the notification prompt after the user has done an event successfully in your website (like purchase, subscribe etc). You can invoke the prompt by,


<script> // load the Engagespot SDK Engagespot.showPrompt();</script>
Also, you can pass the custom message as an argument,
<script> // load the Engagespot SDK Engagespot.showPrompt("Custom prompt message goes here");</script>


(2) Two-step prompt: for either HTTP or HTTPS-enabled websites, two-step prompt can be set.

Here you can create a custom prompt followed by the native prompt of the browser for confirmation.

(3) One step prompt: is only available for the HTTPS-enabled websites. Here you can override the native prompt of the browser with a single custom prompt. To enable one step prompt there are few additional steps to be performed. Read more about one step prompt.


Prompt delay

it can be specified in milliseconds.


The available options are a prompt message (1), decline button text (2), confirmation button text (3), prompt icon (4).

It is recommended to use a custom prompt icon (usually your brand logo) for the notification prompt, as it will help to increase the subscriber base.


What's Next?

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