How to get started with Engagespot?

Create a new account from the SignUp page.

Step-1: Select the website type

You can integrate Engagespot Notification Service to a wide variety of websites. Select your website type from the popup.

The available options are,

  • SaaS/Dashboard: select this option if you want to integrate Engagespot with your SaaS website.
  • Wordpress/Woocommerce: select this option if your website was built using the content management systems such as Wordpress or Woocommerce.
  • Other: select this option for custom built websites and web apps.


Step-2: Smart code integration

Now a smart code will be generated for your website.
The smart code will help you to add notification services provided by Engagespot to your website.
You can integrate the smart code based on your needs such as,
  • show opt-in prompt in all pages when a new visitor comes to your website: people subscribe the notification service from the opt-in prompt (notification prompt). Copy the smart code generated and paste it in the header section of your website to enable the notification service. If you want to enable the subscribe option from all the pages of your site, paste the smart code in those pages.
  • show opt-in prompt only for a specific page: suppose you want to show the opt-in prompt only for your landing page, then paste the smart code only for the header of that particular page.


The smart code is also responsible for enabling real-time notifications. So for accessing real-time notification ensure that the smart code is included in the header section of the website.

Step-3: Customise the prompt and panel

You can customize the opt-in prompt and notification panel from website settings -> Customize.

If you are using an HTTPS website, then you can enable one step prompt.

For SaaS websites, minimal panels are preferred. And normal panels are recommended for native websites.

You can change the appearance and prompt message.


Done! Now you have successfully integrated and configured your Engagespot account.


What's Next?

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