How to install Engagespot on your web application dashboard?

Installing Engagespot on your web application (SaaS) dashboard is simple.

Engagespot can be installed in two ways.

1. Floating Notification Bell Icon.

This is the default installation mode when you sign up. The bell icon will use position:fixed CSS property and it will float above your website contents in a fixed position.

2. Notification Bell icon inside a given element ID.

This is suitable for dashboards. You can append the bell icon to an HTML element inside your application. To update the id of the element, goto Engagespot Dashboard -> Website Settings -> Customize.

You just have to enter the id of the div element on which you want to insert the bell icon.

Make sure the HTML element satisfy the following properties.

  1. The element should have relative or absolute positioning. Static positioning may cause issues.
  2. You must define the height and width. Minimum 35px is required.
  3. Make sure you position this element in the correct place for mobile responsive layout.

Mapping a User with the internal ID in your system

You can map a subscriber to the internal id of your actual user (the one in your database). Then you can use our REST API to send notification to a particular user using the internal id of your user.

To map a user, use the following Javascript code to your website.

It's recommended to call this function on the home page, where a user enter after logging in.
To unmap a user, call the following Javascript function upon logout.

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