How to integrate with native website ?

You can integrate Engagespot to your existing native website in 3 simple steps.

Step-1: The Smart Code

Engagespot generates smart code (the Javascript SDK) which will handle everything under the hood.

Goto website settings -> General,

copy the integration code for the website (the smart code).

Based on your needs there are two options available for the integration.
  1. Show opt-in prompt for all the visitors come to your website: people subscribe the web push notification service from the opt-in box. So paste the code in the headers of all pages to show promptly in all pages.
  2. Show opt-in prompt for a specific page: you can restrict the opt-in prompt to certain pages by placing the smart code in a limited number of pages. Eg: you can enable opt-in prompt only for your landing page.


To enable notification panel and real-time notification service, you need to place the smart code in respective pages.

Step-2: Customise the prompt

Goto website settings -> Customize,

There are 3 options available for the notification prompt.

  • Trigger manually from prompt: you can write Javascript code to invoke opt-in prompt. Read more.
  • Two-step prompt: is for either HTTP or HTTPS-enabled websites. You can create custom opt-in prompt. Then the native prompt of the browser for confirming the subscription of web push notification. Read more.
  • One step prompt: is only available for HTTPS-enabled websites. Here you can override the native prompt of the browser with a single custom prompt. Read more.

Other available options are,

Prompt delay: can be specified in milliseconds.

Notification prompt message (1), Decline button text (2), Confirmation button text (3), Prompt icon (4).
It is recommended to set a prompt icon to get more web push subscribers.

Step-3: Customise the panel

The preferred Notification Panel style for the native sites is Normal.


The position of the notification panel can be set by specifying X and Y (% values).
You change the color theme of the bell icon and panel to fit the panel with your native theme.
Done! Now you have successfully integrated Engagespot with your native website.

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