How to manage multiple websites ?

You can manage notification services for multiple websites from a single account in Engagespot.

Adding new website

Add new website from the drop-down at the top nav bar.

Enter the details in the new page opened. Enter the details such as company name, website URL, and subdomain.
Save changes.
Select the website type from the new onboarding window. The available options are,
  • SaaS/Dashboard
  • Wordpress/Woocommerce
  • Other

Integrating Engagespot SDK

You can find the integration code from website settings -> General

Copy and paste the smart code (Integration code for website) in the header section of the website.

Also, the API Key for the developers API is listed.


You can customize the notifications panel and prompt from website settings -> Customize.

Switching multiple websites

You can switch to different website from the drop down available at the top nav bar.


What's Next?

How to customize notification prompt on your website?


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