How to send your first notification ?

You can create new notifications from the Notifications page.

Step-1: Design Notification




Create notification from the Send Notification button. Now fill the necessary fields that appear in the new page.
  • Notification name: is the logical name used to easily identify notification from the campaigns page.
  • Title: is the title (1) that appears at the top of notification. Max 50 characters. Required field. You can also include smileys in the title to create interactive notifications.
  • Message: the notification body (2). Max 100 characters. Required field. You can also include smileys in the message body to create interactive notifications.
  • URL: on click event, the notification will route to the URL (3) specified. Max 50 chars. Required field.
  • Icon: here you can upload images to set the icon (4) of the notification.
  • Banner image: upload images to set the banner images. Optional field. Supported by chrome and firefox only.

Step-2: Choose subscribers

The next step is to choose the subscribers.

(i) Send to all

You can send the notification to all your subscribers.

The notification will be delivered to all active users of your website. For those who are currently accessing the website, notification will be delivered through the real-time service and for the offline user's web push notification sent.
(ii) Filter subscribers
You can set custom conditions to filter and sent a notification to the subscribers.
Add multiple rules to handle the specific set of users. You can also measure the conversions by setting a conversion event and conversion window.
Eg: set Purchased as a conversion event and 7 days as conversion window to handle cart abandonment problem.

So if a user performs Purchased event within 7 days after seeing the notification you sent, then it will be considered as a conversion.


Engagespot has a well-evolved Automation platform to set custom automation rules and measure the conversions.

(iii) Confirm

Now review and send the notification created to the subscribers. The active subscriber count will be listed. Click confirm to proceed.

Congratulations! Now you have sent your first notification from Engagespot notification service.

What's Next?

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