What are the REST APIs provided?

Engagespot provides several APIs for sending notifications programmatically and to feed the necessary data to the system from your application. The APIs provided are,

  1. Campaigns API : Using the campaigns API, you can send notifications programmatically from your application. You can send notifications for individual users (custom notifications) or for everyone from the API.
    • Send to a specific user (by identifier) : To send web push notifications to a specific set of users you can use the campaigns.api. Before sending the notifications, you need to map the users to the Engagespot account. Read more about mapping and sending notifications to specific users.
    • Send to a specific user (by user hash) : Engagespot generates a unique user hash for each user. You can send a notification to users by simply specifying the user hash.
    • Send to everyone : You can send notifications to everyone programmatically from the campaigns API. Read more sending to everyone.
  2. Events API : To enable the automation platform and sending notifications for a specific set of users, you need to feed data to our events API. Setting up events API connection and using it is simple. Read more about events API.
  3. User Profiles API : For sending custom notifications to specific users, you need to enter the user profile details and map the users with Engagespot unique identifier.
    • To enter user details : Using the userProfile API, you can create and update the user profile details. A unique identifier can be assigned to each profile. Later using this unique identifier, you can send custom notifications to each user.
    • To map a user profile : Before sending notifications, you need to map the user profile to the subscribers of Engagespot. This can be done with the userMapping API.

Read more about user profile API.

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