What is Engagespot?

Engagespot is a push notification platform for your website which helps your customers stay connected with you through both onsite and offsite push notifications. Communicate important alerts, reminders and promotional messages to your customers through browser push notifications and a realtime notification feed inside your website or web application.

Who can use Engagespot?

If you have a website or a web application, you can use Engagespot to help your customers. Here is a how different type of websites can use Engagespot.

  • SaaS / Dashboards - Communicate important alerts, reminders, activity notifications or anything that requires your customer's attention. They can see it on their on-site notification panel and also they will get the alerts as native browser push notifications on desktop and mobile devices.
  • E-Commerce websites - Send cart abandonment reminders, product recommendations, order updates, delivery notifications etc.
  • Blogs - Send latest post updates, comment notifications to your readers and help them find new content from your website.
  • Normal Websites - Send any new updates related to your website or business to your visitors.

Why Engagespot is different?

Unlike other notification providers, Engagespot brings you features that makes push notification more effective and less annoying. One of our most unique feature is the Realtime Notification Feed that can be integrated within your website. Visitors don't have to subscribe for native browser push inorder to receive notifications on this realtime notification feed. Also, those who have subscribed for native browser push, will receive a copy of their notifications on this feed. Thus you don't have to worry about your customers missing important notifications. When the next time they open your website, they will see it on their notification panel.

Thus, Engagespot helps you get more visibility and click rates for your notifications.

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