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Version: 1.3.x

What is Engagespot?

Engagespot equips you with APIs, SDKs, and UI-Kits to create a smooth multi-channel notification experience in your product. Whether you're in the game of sending verification emails, facilitating user-to-user messages, or managing transactional SMS, Engagespot provides you with a single platform to manage all these, instead of integrating multiple vendor APIs in your product.

What can I build with Engagespot?

  • In-App, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, and Push messaging capabilities for your product using a single integration.
  • Real-time In-app inbox (with a prebuilt UI) without the need for your custom web-socket implementation.
  • Integrate any provider, such as Mailgun, Pusher, Twilio, etc., with zero code!
  • Notification preference manager for your users.
  • Smart notification delivery workflows.
  • Template editor for all channels.
  • Unified message delivery tracking.