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Version: 1.4.x

What are Categories?

Categories are used to tag notifications. For example, you can tag notification Hey, Anand commented on your photo in new_comment category. Grouping notifications under categories will help your users set preferences in receiving notifications from categories. See Preferences

Creating a Category

A category can be created using /category API endpoint, or through the dashboard (coming soon).


When you include category parameter in the send /notifications API, we'll check if that category exists in your system. If not, we'll create it on the go.

Tagging a Notification

This is how you can tag a notification with a category identifier while sending it through REST API.

POST /notifications

"notification": {
"title": "Anand commented on your photo",
"message": "Hey Steve, you're looking cool 😎. Who took this photo?",
"url": ""
"category": "new_comment",
"recipients": [""]

If you do not tag a notification in a category, it will not check the notification preferences set by your users, and the notification will be delivered to everyone.