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Version: 1.3.x

Introduction to In-App Inbox

Every app (web or mobile) nowadays includes a notification center where you can see all the notifications, or other important information in one place. It's known by different names like Notification Center, In-App Inbox, Message Center, Action Center etc.

It is an effective notification channel to communicate with your users.

Engagespot In-App Inbox Features

Engagespot comes with a realtime, interactive in-app inbox component that you can be added to your web and mobile apps in minutes.

  • Prebuilt UI components that can be customized
  • Headless libraries for custom implementation
  • Realtime message delivery powered by websocket
  • Supports actionable components like button, input etc
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Manage unread, unread statuses and counts.
  • Notification Preference manager for users.

Setting up Inbox

The In-App component is available in both UI Components and headless libraries. While headless libraries gives you the flexibility to build your own custom notification inbox components, the UI component libraries gives you a prebuilt UI kit with all functionalities that you can customize.

Sending Notifications

Follow the quick start guide to learn how to send a notification.