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Version: 1.4.x

Email Attachments

You can send attachments with your emails. This works for both templated emails and hardcoded emails.

How to send email attachments with Engagespot?

In the data payload of your send notification request (API or SDK), include an attachments array which can contain one or more attachment objects as mentioned below.

"content":"base64 encoded file content (Max - 10MB)",
"name":"Filename for example - sample.pdf",
"contentType":"MIME Type of attachment for example - application/pdf"

Here is a full example of send notification request with attachment.

const { EngagespotClient } = require('@engagespot/node');

const client = EngagespotClient({

notification: {
templateId: 485729,
data: {
attachments: [
name: 'sample.pdf',
contentType: 'application/pdf',
recipients: ['unique-user-id'],