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Version: 1.4.x


You can send email notifications through Postmark transactional email API.

Unique Identifier

Each provider is identified by a unique identifier. Unique identifier of Postmark provider is postmark_email

Enabling Postmark

To enable Postmark provider, login to your Engagespot dashboard, goto Channels -> Email and enable Postmark.


Postmark provider uses email attribute in your user's profile as the primary address to deliver the notifications. So make sure your user's profile has the email attribute set.

Postmark Configurations.

Postmark requires the following configurations.

SERVER_API_TOKENServer token from your Postmark dashboardYes
FROM_EMAILSender signature created in your Postmark dashboardYes

Overriding Configurations

Postmark provider allows you to override all the above configurations (and you can specify several more options) while sending a notification through Engagespot API, using the endpoint.

To override the configurations, you must supply them via override -> postmark_email parameter of the above API. Configurations override values should be passed via _config object, and you can directly supply any additional parameters that will be passed to Postmark API.

For example,

"notification": {
"title": "Anand commented on your photo",
"message": "Hey Steve, you're looking cool 😎. Who took this photo?",
"url": "",
"category": "comment"
"recipients": [""],
"override": {
"postmark_email": {
"_config": {
"From": "",
"To": "",
"Subject": "Postmark test",
"TextBody": "Hello dear Postmark user."